Thermography Testing

Thermography testing, particularly Flash Thermography, employs a precise, calculated pulse of light to gently heat the surface of the material under examination. An infrared camera is then utilized to capture and record the surface temperature as it gradually cools down. Internal defects within the material affect the rate at which the surface cools, resulting in temperature variations compared to the surrounding area. Advanced computer software further enhances this data, producing high-resolution image shots for detailed analysis.

One of the key advantages of thermography testing lies in its remarkable speed and accuracy. Moreover, this method is advantageous as it is single-sided and non-contact, minimizing any potential damage to the material being inspected.
Whether you require defect detection, quality control, or material analysis, our thermography testing services offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about how thermography testing can enhance the efficiency and reliability of your inspection processes.

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